North's Student Voting Day 2023

North Elementary students had their chance to cast a mock ballot today (Tuesday) as part of the school-wide Student Vote Day, held in conjunction with the Saint Peter School Board and St. Peter City Council elections. Voting booths were set up at three locations for students in grades 2-4 to cast their ballots.

Some classrooms took part in voting-related classroom activities such as learning about the purpose of voting and why it’s the responsibility of U.S. citizens to vote. In addition, students learned why voters need to be informed about who they are voting for and selecting as their leaders. 

To participate in our Student Vote Day, students watched a Brain Pop video that informed them about voting along with some of its history. Some classes watched the forum videos for the Saint Peter School Board Candidates and Mayor. Students watched short segments of it to get an idea of who each of the candidates were and what they would be like as leaders. Then students made their way to their designated voting area and cast their ballots individually and privately to replicate what it would be like voting when they get older.