North restaurant/store unit

North Elementary fourth-grade students in Mrs. Friedrich & Mr. Lewis’s classes took part in a unique math experience recently through their fast food restaurant/sweet treats store unit in their classroom.

“Mr. Lewis and I try to create a real-world experience for students to explore fractions and decimals,” Mrs. Friedrich said. “With the help of local businesses (Dominos, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts) and generous families, students are able to create and run their own store.

“Students are able to look at fractions in a whole new way. We share the cost of an entire pizza, order of chicken nuggets, or munchkins. Students have to determine the cost per slice, nugget, or single munchkin.”

The other fourth-grade classrooms at North were invited in both classrooms to order food. The menu students ordered from has the cost of an entire pizza, etc. Students solved math problems to determine the unit cost of each item. Once they had the correct answer they were able to place their order. Students were also able to order candy, cookies, freezies, and juice thanks to parent donations.

Above and below are  some photo highlights from the fun but educational experience!