SPHS exchange student David Wasielewski

Saint Peter High School is fortunate most school years to have foreign exchange students attend classes here. These students provide a valuable opportunity for our students and staff to learn about a new country and culture, as well as teaching them about life in the U.S.

David Wasielewski from Berlin, Germany (pop. 3.7 million), is this month’s profiled exchange student. David, who is living here in St. Peter with Angie Buffington and her family, has been active already through the Saints’ boys soccer program and he is also helping out as student manager for the Saints' boys basketball team.

(ABOVE, David Wasielewski (far right) is shown with his host brothers Evan and Cole Buffington at a Minnesota Loons soccer match earlier this fall.)

The following is a Q&A profile of David Wasielewski:

Parents and family members in Germany: mother Magdalena Wasielewski, father Lukas Wasielewski, brothers Jan and Maxim Wasielewski

St. Peter host family members:  host mother Angie Buffington; host brothers Cole, Evan and Sam Buffington; host sister Chloe Buffington

Hometown in Germany: Berlin

Hobbies and interests: Soccer, meeting friends

Are you here for the full school year or just the semester? Full school year

What is/are your favorite class(es) here at SPHS? Biology

What activities are you involved with here? I was on the Saints boys’ soccer team in the fall and I'm a manager with the boys' basketball team this winter.

Have you visited the U.S. before? No, it’s my first time here.

What was the biggest adjustment(s) you had to make when you moved here for this school year? The American school system is very different from the German system, so that’s where I had to make the most adjustments.

Are there any new things you've tried here that you've enjoyed? I tried some new American sweets which tasted good.

What do you miss most about life in Germany? My family and friends.

Will you have to return to high school back in Germany, or will you move on to college/post-secondary school? I will return to high school.

Is there anywhere here in the U.S. you'd like to visit before returning to Germany? I’d like to visit New York City before going back to Germany.