EL students make Japanese rice balls

Mr. Bollum and his ELL (English Language Learner) III and IV classes at Saint Peter High School recently took the time to learn about the Japanese delicacy of onigiri (Japanese rice balls), how to prepare them, and even what they taste like! They used Japanese barbecue sauce, specific types of seaweed, and various meats to replicate the traditional cuisine. 

Mr. Bollum learned to make onigiri when he was living as a private citizen in Nagoya, Japan, where he taught English for 14 years. He also spent six years in Okinawa, Japan, as a service member of the U.S. Air Force. There he learned the ins and outs of Japanese culture, ultimately leading him to teach his students about it. 

While observing, the students learned how to prepare the rice for the filling, mold it by hand, and apply the seaweed wrap. The students loved their time with Mr. Bollum and had a delicious midday snack

Mr. Bollum recently taught some of his ELL students about the Japanese delicacy of okinari (rice balls). Those in his class included: front row (l to r) Mr. Bollum, Farah Muse, Josie Diaz-Rodriguez; back row, Ernesto Torres, Roblae Abdi, Musab Abdi, Shayma Said, and Aisho Abdi.