SPMS Art project

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly!

     Approximately 180 Saint Peter Middle School students created this beautiful collaborative wing creation.  Art Teachers Ms. Bealey and Ms. Baumgarner's 5th and 8th grade students worked together on this special project.

     “Individuality and teamwork are both clearly visible in this collaborative creation!  In addition to the individual artistic objectives of each student, they also had a goal of making art collaboratively to reinforce positive aspects of group identity.  When you look closely at each feather, you will see that each one is unique, special, and individual.  When you step back to look at the feathers all together, you will see that each feather is an important part to creating the whole piece of art, a set of wings.” Ms. Bealey explained.  “It is amazing how much can be accomplished as a team!” 

     As a viewer, you are meant to interact with these wings.  The positive message that the creators want to show you is that your wings ALREADY EXIST and with your wings, you can accomplish your dreams. To see this for yourself, stand in the middle of the display and have someone take a picture of you “wearing” the wings.  To get the perfect picture, have your photographer stand on the large letters “truthful” and “helpful”.  The lesson from both Bealey and Baumgarner explains once you view your photo, you will see how your wings already exist. Next, all you have to do is FLY and go accomplish those dreams!

SPMS teachers want you to know that Saints Nation believes in you!
Make sure to stop by during conferences and take your photo.
(Thank you to SPMS Art Teacher Arianna Bealey for her photos and contribution to this article)