BizTown interviews

    Saint Peter Middle School 6th grade students spent the day participating in mock job interviews for a cool learning experience called BizTown. Area business professionals facilitated the interviews where students learned the importance of a handshake, eye contact, and good communication.   

     Junior Achievement BizTown allows students to gain working knowledge of what it feels like to interview for a job, work at a company and run a real-world business. The students created a resume and applied for jobs they will be doing in a simulated ‘BizTown’ city on November 22nd in St. Paul.  After today they’ll find out what jobs they were chosen for and will get the opportunity to actually work in one of 18 BizTown shops. They will learn what it takes to run a successful business, manage a checking account, work as a team, and even vote for a mayor.  The students will receive a paycheck for their work and get to spend their money in BizTown as a true business experience comes full circle. Organizer and 6th grade teacher Emilie Kaus says, “It is a perfect way for students to get a taste of what it is like to be a citizen in a community!”

     JA BizTown is in The Peter J. King Family Foundation Experiential Learning Lab  and you can  see the entire space by taking a visual tour of where students will work.  You can learn more about the program at BizTown

      Thank you to Federated Insurance of Mankato, First National Bank of Minnesota, Edward Jones, MRCI, Mankato Clinic and Country Financial of Mankato for allowing their staff to volunteer.  A huge thank you to Arianne Holicky, Becky Kautzman, Same Gore, Stacey Gore, Tyla Holland, Jordan Quam, Kim Boje, Daniel Sosa Santana, Cassie Lewis, Matt Wallskog, Jill Koehler, Mike Favre, Ben Gossett, Tyler Resner, Peggy Peterson, Angie Klocek, Jade Rezmerski, Tracey Peymann, Kris Harmon, Bethany Zellmer, Amber Siemers, and Danielle Syverson for being our interviewers today.  

Photo:  Area businessmen and women were gracious enough to volunteer their time to participate in mock interviews for our SPMS 6th grade students during our BizTown day. More photos are on our Facebook page