SPHS exchange student

Saint Peter High School benefits in many ways from the presence of foreign exchange students each school year, and this year is no different as David Criado Garcia from Spain has made SPHS his home away from home in 2022-23. 

David, who hails from the city of Salamanca in western Spain, is staying with Jennifer and Garret Leslie and Jennifer’s son, Parker Reinhardt, at their home in Cleveland this year as he attends classes at SPHS. The soccer-loving young man has enjoyed his time so far attending high school in the United States, and looks forward to the rest of the school year here in America.

The following is a Q&A profile of David Criado Garcia:

Parents' and family members (in Spain), and parents' occupations back home: Primi (mom) Nurse, Manolo (dad) teacher and Hector (brother) attends university. 

Host family members (here in St. Peter): Jennifer Leslie, Garret Leslie and Parker Reinhardt

Hometown: Salamanca (Population 145,000)

Hobbies and interests: Soccer 

When did you start classes at Saint Peter High School? Back on August 29th.

What is/are your favorite class(es) here at SPHS? Choir and outdoor education

What activities are you involved with here? I’ve played soccer this past season, and now I’m out for basketball.

Have you visited the U.S. before? No, it's my first time.

What was the biggest adjustment(s) you had to make when you moved here for this school year? The language and some customs are different here.

Are there any new things you've tried here that you've really enjoyed? Going to football games and snowmobiling.

What do you miss most about life in Spain? Playing soccer all year, the food and, of course, my friends and family.

Will you have to return to high school back in Spain or will you move on to college/post-secondary school? I will have to finish my “senior” year in Spain but hopefully most of the subjects here will be validated. 

Is there anywhere here in the U.S. you'd like to visit before returning back to Spain? Yes, New York and hopefully, with the choir class, we will be doing a trip there (this spring) and I’m really excited to do it!