SPHS Careers in Education class

Shown above, SPHS students who are part of the MSU-Mankato Exploring Careers in Education class, who read to middle school students last week, included: front row (l to r) Nobras SayidNour, Rhyan Holmgren, Keira Oeltjenbruns, Lily Deming, and Alyia Bice; back row, Najma Jamac,  Henry Jacobs, Ella Osborn, Norah Timmerman, and teacher Jennifer Maldonado.

SPHS students in the Minnesota State University-Mankato concurrent course, KSP150: Exploring Careers in Education, visited Saint Peter Middle School on February 2nd to read aloud to sixth graders. The high school students also talked to the middle school kids about the importance of literacy and a Q&A session between the students wrapped up the discussions.

“Students (in the Exploring Careers in Education class) are required to do a 20-hour field placement in one of the district’s schools,” Jen Maldonado, the SPHS instructor for the course, said. “In order to gain exposure to each age and building, we will be going to each one in February for ‘I Love to Read’ month. We started this week at Saint Peter Middle School.”

SPMS Principal Jon Graff also met with the high school students to talk about teaching careers at the middle school level and he also gave them a quick tour of the building to talk about the use of space in each part of SPMS’s facility.

Maldonado’s students will be visiting the Early Childhood Center on Thursday, Feb. 9; South Elementary on Thursday, Feb. 16; and their last visit will be at North Elementary on Thursday, Feb. 23. The afternoon visits usually last about 90 minutes. 

Among her students in the Exploring Careers in Education class includes (listed alphabetically): Alyia Bice, Lily Deming, Rhyan Holmgren, Henry Jacobs, Najma Jamac, Keira Oeltjenbruns, Ella Osborn, Nobras SayidNour, and Norah Timmerman.