SPMS 7th graders take part in History Day

History Day 2023 is back to in person competitions this year for the first time since Covid and Saint Peter Middle School was ready to roll. All 7th grade students completed History Day projects in their English and U.S. Studies classes and the projects were on display Wednesday in the Media Center.

While on display projects were judged by high school students from Mrs. Roehrkasse and Mrs. Dimock's classes as well as multiple community members. There were volunteer judges from The League of Women's Voters and Minnesota State University-Mankato. City Administrator Todd Prafke, Mayor Shanon Nowell, City Council Member Keri Johnson and City Council Member Ben Raft all served as guest judges. 

The top projects from St. Peter will move on to the regional competition at Minnesota State University-Mankato on Thursday, March 16. To learn more about National History Day in Minnesota please visit https://www.mnhs.org/historyday.

The following is a list of SPMS Regional History Day qualifiers (and topic):

Individual exhibit
Scarlette Wendt (Manhattan Project)
Tristan Imison (Anthrax)
Grace Penner (Mount Everest)
Ethan Harbitz (Doppler Radar)
Emmet Easton-Hong (D-Day)
Calvin Kuhlman (Manhattan Project)

Group Exhibit
Enzo Gazzola/Henry Niewnow (Walt Disney)
Nora Barnick/Ivy McHugh (Walt Disney)
Olivia Mish/Makayla Guth (Wilmar 8)
Jayda Becker/Marie Willis (Rosie The Riveter)
Ella Twaddle/Claire Demming 
Lilyana Lyons/Leah Oberlander (Walt Disney)

Avyn Myhra/Maya King (Rosa Parks)
Lucia Penner (Space Race)
Molli Weber/Margo Letts
Jaylin Yost/Andi Turrittin