Student Spotlight

Saint Peter High School Principal Annette Engeldinger welcomed 2 students to speak at the school board meeting this month.  Isam Ibrahim and Logan Pherson, both 10th grade students and founding members of the Saint Peter High School Aerospace Club. 

The students talked about how the club was founded in November 2022 and the 'mission' of the group.  Under advisement of SPHS teacher Mr. Aaron Dimock, the club launched their first rocked 2 weeks ago.   Both students thought the launch was a success and talked about exciting plans coming up.  

The next launch will be open to the public held on May 24 during the Fun Run sponsored by the SPHS Physical Education Department.  During this mission, the rocket is expected to reach heights of 6,000 feet! 

If you would like more information on the club or how to participate, contact Mr. Aaron Dimock