Nordic Storm FRC team

Congratulations to the Saint Peter Area Robotics’ Nordic Storm (FRC 3018) team for qualifying for the FIRST Robotics Competition Championships after winning the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional Tournament on Saturday (April 6) in Minneapolis. The world championships will be held April 17-20 in Houston, Texas, and this is the first time since 2016 that the Nordic Storm FRC team has qualified for this event.

(SHOWN IN PHOTO ABOVE) Members of the Nordic Storm FRC team that will head to Houston, Texas, later this month for the FIRST Robotics Competition Championships includes: front row (l to r), Mentors Max Narvaez and Luke Borowy; second Row: Mentor Kristal Peterson, Micah Stoll, Alex Bur, Allan Nienow; back Row: Mentor Gigi Dobosenski, Mentor Matt Dobosenski, Caleb Cain, Isam Ibrahim, Wyatt Hahn, Jamison Hahn, and Mentor Matt Peterson. Not pictured are Mentors Chuck Niederriter and Camren Carlyle.

The Nordic Storm (FRC 3018) team joined forces with Inconceivable (FRC 2530), KnightKrawler (FRC 2052), and King Tec (FRC 2169) to form the victorious alliance in the CRESCENDOSM competition. To see a video of this alliance in action please click HERE!

Saint Peter High School team members on the Nordic Storm (FRC 3018) squad include Alex Bur, Micah Stoll, Allan Nienow and Isam Ibahim. Other team members include Caleb Cain, Wyatt Hahn, and Jamison Hahn from New Country School. Mentors for the team include (listed alphabetically by last name) Luke Borowy, Carmen Carlyle, Gigi Dobosenski, Matt Dobosenski, Max Narvaez, Chuck Niederriter, Kristal Peterson, and Matt Peterson.

Robotics Competition (FRC) is designed for students in grades 9-12 with teams of up to 100 students. The students meet for practice three-plus times a week. The challenge was released in early January and the team had up to the tournament to build and program their robot to complete the challenge. The team built prototype robots before settling on a final design. 

As a community team, Nordic Storm relies on the generosity of their sponsors for entry fees, travel, and other associated costs. The 2024 regular season top sponsors for Nordic Storm are Medtronic, Gustavus Adolphus College, Cambria, Hiniker Company, and Mankato Eagles Club #269. To donate towards the Worlds Tournament costs, check out the funding site or Text ROBOT to 206-672-7222.

For more information on the Nordic Storm’s FRC team’s awesome accomplishment please see the team’s news release below! 

To learn more about the Saint Peter Area Robotics program please go to, send a email to, or call 507-933-0808.
Nordic Storm press release