New Education Equity Coordinator

Saint Peter Public Schools Equity and Inclusion top priority
      Saint Peter Public Schools (SPPS) continues to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of the district. According to Superintendent Bill Gronseth, “One of our top goals this year is to pursue equity and inclusion in all we do. We take great pride in fulfilling our mission to provide the best possible education to everyone we serve. Meeting the diverse needs of every learner and ensuring we provide clear, concise communication is what we strive to achieve daily.” 

     To align with those goals, SPPS is excited to announce the addition of Ayan Musse, the Coordinator of the Office of Education Equity. Ms. Musse was born in East Africa (Somalia) and grew up in Egypt. Musse is a licensed Minnesota Social Worker who is passionate about challenging individuals to expand their thinking while equipping and empowering those who desire to see actual, sustainable change within our community regarding diversity and equity. She is committed to improving the quality of life for all individuals by affecting system-wide change through the pursuit of social justice. Musse explains, “Due to my life experiences, I understand the importance of building an all-inclusive community where everyone feels welcome.”

     Musse says she took the position because, “Saint Peter schools are considered to be among the finest in the area. Such recognition doesn’t occur by chance, yet is the result of dedicated teachers and staff members. It is clear everyone is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to our students and their families.”  Musse goes on to say, “I'm so pleased to be part of this district. I’m here to build on the great equity work that has already been done by so many individuals.”

     The Equity and Inclusion commitment is to ensure each student has the resources and support needed for their educational journey. With students, staff, families and community as the foundation; educational equity and inclusion are the goal. 

    Musse will help achieve those goals by being dedicated to valuing the uniqueness of each individual in our community. She states, “By viewing our differences as strengths, we foster a deep appreciation for one another. We commit to building a culture that empowers students, staff, and community partners so that everyone can feel supported in reaching their full potential.”

     Musse has called Mankato her home since 2002 and has been very involved in the community. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling the world and dancing. The Office of Education Equity, under the direction of Musse, will lead a team of student support liaisons representing our Spanish speaking and Somali communities.  Currently, 30% of the Saint Peter School district enrollment consists of underrepresented communities. Musse wants to include all families and caretakers that may need assistance overcoming barriers to the educational environment. Ayan Musse can be reached at Additional staff members include: Student Support Liaison and Somali Interpreter: Buraq Ahmed, and Student Support Liaison and Spanish Interpreters: Liliana Figueroa and Maripsa Romero. 
All contact information can be found on our Staff Directory at: