Poster for Indigenous Peoples Day Walk

Saint Peter Public Schools celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day!

     To celebrate ‘Indigenous Peoples' Day’ in Minnesota, Saint Peter Public Schools Native American Parent Advisory Committee (NAPAC) will host a walk on Monday, October 10, 2022. According to NAPAC Chairperson Charmayne Klah, “This is an effort to bring people together from different walks of life to celebrate and share their support of the Indigenous People in our school and community. By celebrating this day together, we can reflect upon the Indigenous tradition, history, and make sure we keep the culture alive. This day is to embrace diversity and inclusion in the community of Saint Peter.”  The walk will be held Monday, October 10th from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. starting from the Middle School 100 Lincoln Drive and ending at Minnesota Square Garden Park (1000 South Minnesota Ave).  The community is invited to attend and bring signs of support.

     Saint Peter School Native American Parent Advisory Committee, established in 2019, consists of Native American parents and guardians who are committed to providing guidance to our Native American Students. The goal is to ensure Native American students within the Saint Peter School District reach their highest potential while receiving culturally relevant and equitable educational opportunities.  “The Committee hopes to help empower all our Native American students to reach their highest potential by incorporating native voices, representation, history, celebration of culture, and academic success” Chairperson Klah explains. The 2022-23 committee consists of six members including Klah and Vice chairperson SkyAnne Sickler.  

     Superintendent Bill Gronseth said, “For Saint Peter Public Schools and community members it is another step towards building stronger relationships, learning more about each other, and continuing the journey of keeping the Saints Nation Saints strong and where everyone belongs.”
      The committee is currently accepting new members.  If you’re interested please contact chairperson Charmayne Klah at: